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Wooden car wows at Frankfurt auto show 2015

The Frankfurt auto show took place from Thursday, September 17 to Sunday through September 27, 2015. Every auto show is focused on presenting exceptionally manufactured and designed cars, alongside the incredible technology they feature.The motor giants show off their latest prototypes designed to wow and to offer an astonishing user experience. We are used to seeing great models delivered by Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari and other internationally recognized companies, as well as unique vehicles made by fairly unknown people or companies. One of these cars was the wooden car named Julia this year, hand- made by a Romanian gentleman, Szabo Peter, and presented on the stand of German manufacturer “SUSI and James”.

Usually the first aspect of a car that strikes people is its design. Although the hand- made wooden car has a quite impressive design, similar to the cars used in the era between the world wars, its great lines are not its greatest features. The material it is made from is. The Julia’s body is entirely made of wood. Szabo Peter handcrafted the wood into an extraordinary piece of art. The wooden car’s body, its windshield frame, dashboard, interior parts, steering wheel and certain elements of its 19-inch wheel rims are handcrafted of wood. It is said that it took about three years to give the Julia its current shape. And it was worth every second, if you look at the gorgeous lines of this four seats roadster vehicle.The wooden car was built on the chassis of a Ford Taurus and is equipped with a Ford Taurus V6 2.3-liter engine producing 110 hp. Its hood is electronically controlled and this is not its only technological feature. Made of ash tree and exceptionally finished, the car certainly surprised every visitor of the Frankfurt auto show 2015.

Although the car’s wooden body by itself should be enough to surprise people, what is even more unexpected of this car is that is equipped with high- quality technology. This is the reason why it was showed in the high- tech stand of German manufacturer “SUSI and James”. The wooden car features a modern tablet computer mounted into the central column. This is meant to serve as the vehicle’s instrument panel. All in all, the Julia wooden car seems to be a prefect combination of a handcrafted, elegant body and high- technology. We hope to see more cars like this at other auto shows.

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