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Apple Releases Powerbeats 2

Last year, Apple bought out Beats for almost $3 billion. While many  question why the company would do such a thing, many speculated that Apple was trying to bring more attention to its products. After all, many celebrities have their own “brand” of Beats headphones. However, it seems to go …

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Samsung Wireless Headphones That Cancel Noise

In light of recent events, Samsung is on a roll with releasing new products and rumored tablets. Their new Level On Wireless headphones, despite being wireless, can cancel out noise. Good, inexpensive headphones are hard to come by these days. You could grab the cheap $20 ones and still not …

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Sony “Just Ear” Earphones Can Be Pre-ordered For $2,500

You know how every time you buy new headphones, especially if they are the in-ear type, you have troubles fitting them in? Well, now you can have your own, custom made earphones, according to your ear size and audio preferences. Named Just Ear XJE-MH1 and produced by Sony, these innovative pieces …

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