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Apple Releases Powerbeats 2

Last year, Apple bought out Beats for almost $3 billion. While many  question why the company would do such a thing, many speculated that Apple was trying to bring more attention to its products. After all, many celebrities have their own “brand” of Beats headphones. However, it seems to go along with the fact that Apple loves quality over quantity and believes in producing high-end tech. And with that, Apple launches Beats newest wireless headphones, the Powerbeats 2.

Now, besides the obvious fact that these headphones are wireless, the Powerbeats 2 come in variety of colors. Ranging from green to white, they were designed to be the perfect companion for the Apple Watch. Prices are a little hefty, coming in at a simple $199.95. You can either buy them from the Apple Store online, or in select Apple retailers.

With the wireless connectivity, websites like Techno Buffalo remark that these headphones are the ideal companions for wireless devices. Techno Buffalo would go on to report that the, “Bluetooth connectivity makes the Powerbeats2 ideal for pairing with the Apple Watch, as well as mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad, and Bluetooth-equipped laptops and desktops. Apple promises a 30-foot range, with 6 hours of battery life in between charges.”

Even with these great features, the headphones have received a variety of reviews. According to the website Mac Rumors, “The Powerbeats 2 have received mixed reviews over the past year, with reviewers disagreeing over whether the headphones suffer from the excessive bass that has been common with Beats products over the years.”

Are these headphones limited to just Apple products? Of course not. The website 9to5Mac reports that, “The new Powerbeats2 headphones will of course work with all Apple and other Bluetooth 4 devices even though they appear to be focused on the growing Apple Watch market.”

Whether or not you want these expensive headphones is up to you. While they are wireless, they definitely have their advantages, but is it worth the price? What are your thoughts on these headphones?

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