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Facebook Has a Search Engine?

Google, stand your ground, Facebook approaches. It’s been going on for the past couple weeks. Smartphone users noticed a new icon “Add Link.” By clicking on it, a list of links were provided in relation to their post (I personally haven’t found it yet. Apparently, a select group of users were selected for this trial). Already, Google is feeling the red flags pop up. With this option, users will no longer have to pull up their favorite browsers in order to search for their topic. In a statement Wired, a Facebook spokesperson said, ““We’re piloting a new way to add a link that’s been shared on Facebook to your posts and comments.” Josh Constine, of Tech Crunch, says that Facebook has indexed trillions of posts in order to provide data for the links. It’s concerning because Google doesn’t have this sort of power. Google needs to find a way to outmatch this. There was also something else that would come out of this “Add Link” option.

In the same article by Wired, Senior Analyst of IHS technology said, “The addition of the in-app search feature aims to continue the centralization of mobile users’ activity to its own platform. The more functions the Facebook app can deliver, the more user engagement it can provide for its clients: advertisers.” With the way Facebook is going, it’s users are steadily going to find themselves behind a narrow-minded wall. With Facebook doing the majority of the work, users will never have to rely on Google ever again. How will this affect the youth? By having a social media site with these types of capabilities, will this affect their productivity.  And like Josh Constine said, “The garden’s walls grow ever taller.” But let’s hear from you, will this “Add Link” destroy Google?

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