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Overcast 2.0 Is Free

Overcast was considered to be the best podcast app on iOS. App users opted for Overcast due to its user- friendly interface and great features. It was also affordable for only $5. Now, the Overcast 2.0 was released and it is even better. Firstly it is completely free. Besides that, it was also improved with a lot of new features, so users will get more without paying anything.

Marco Arment, the creator of the widely used app released Overcast 2.0 because he was aiming to offer everything the app could deliver. Instead of charging its users the regular $5, now it allows them to donate $1, but this is entirely optional for users.One big change in the Overcast 2.0 is that it now offers chapters. Thanks to this new feature Overcast 2.0 will display a bar below the podcast. This way users will be able to see the current chapter name. The same chapter feature will also allow Overcast 2.0 users to jump to the chapter they want to listen to. They can choose it from the table of contents the Overcast 2.0 now offers.

The Overcast 2.0 now also offers the possibility to stream podcasts instead of downloading them via Wi- Fi. Actually, now there are three settings users can choose from. They can either download episodes through Wi- Fi, download through Wi- Fi or cellular, or stream episodes.This means that if users tap on an episode it will instantly start playing. Even if users choose to stream the podcast they would like to listen to, after it finishes buffering, it will be downloaded, so users will find it on their smartphones as downloaded episodes.

Of course, smaller improvements were also made in the Overcast 2.0. For example Smart and Voice Boost now have a better audio quality. It should also be mentioned that the app is using less battery life than the original Overcast did. Overcast 2.0 was also modified to be able to support 3D touch and other iOS 9 features, such as Split View and Slide Over. Fortunately, despite all these improvements the interface of the app remained as user- friendly as it always was. Since the Overcast 2.0 is a greatly improved version of the original podcast app and is now free, it is expected that even more iPhone and iPad owners will start using it. It can be downloaded from the App Store now.



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