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Sony’s LED Music Lightbulb

Bluetooth technology  has evolved in great lengths to provide unique little gadgets that can connect wirelessly to devices from short distances. They come in all shapes and sizes, but what’s making its way into the market are LED Bluetooth light bulbs. And Sony just may have something to own the competition. For only $199, expect an elegant little flash of light to brighten up the room.

The LED bulb is coming out in Japan first (darn). And the way Sony advertised it was beautiful. The video begins with a soft jazzy tune. There’s a young couple lounging around, enjoying each other’s company. In the background, the dimly-lit setting provides a sense of peace and comfort.  The scene transitions in between different parts of daily house life: someone listening to music while doing the dishes and two people enjoying a nice dinner with the light bulb above them. As a couple falls asleep, the screen fades out and the product name appears.

Now, the $199 might seem a little pricey, and the competition offers better prices. However, Sony promises clear and crisp sound. In an article by Sam Byford, of The Verge, he writes that the light bulb, “lets you play music in places where it’s been difficult to put audio equipment before.” It also saves space, taking away the complexity of expensive speaker equipment.

The LED bulb will certainly find a nice space to settle in your house, if you choose to buy it. I wouldn’t suggest buying multiple bulbs for the house (unless you have some serious cash to spend). I could see this playing a nice role over the holidays, and especially house parties. The design is aesthetically smooth and pleasant. It’s a change away from your basic LED light. What do you think of the design? The concept? Let me know in the comments below.

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