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Arc is developing an AI agent that conducts web browsing tasks on your behalf

Google, along with other search engines, has long served as the primary means for individuals to explore websites and access various forms of content. The Browser Company aims to revolutionize web browsing by developing an artificial intelligence system that navigates the internet on behalf of users, providing them with desired information without relying on search engines.

The company has outlined its product roadmap, which includes plans to release a new tool in the coming months. This tool will allow users to specify their search criteria to the browser, which will then automatically crawl the web and present them with relevant information.

In a recent video, Josh Miller, the co-founder and CEO of the company, demonstrates a new feature that allows users to easily make reservations. By simply typing a request such as “Reservation for two people at either Llama Inn or Kings Imperial,” the browser will provide available time slots. This feature is expected to be released in the near future. Users can easily reserve a table by visiting a specific website with just one click.

The proposed plan for the product
The company has already initiated certain aspects of this project. The company stated that a portion of these features utilize LLMs, while emphasizing their collective goal of making the internet accessible to users.

Last week, a new iPhone web browser app called Arc Search was released. The app includes a feature called “browse for me” that can read a minimum of six relevant links and generate a new webpage containing photos, videos, and summarized information.

Today, the startup is launching a new feature called “instant links,” which allows users to directly access a link instead of receiving search engine results. As an example, when searching for “Gladiator 2 trailer,” the new feature will promptly redirect you to the trailer on YouTube. This functionality extends to folders as well. For instance, if you search for a phrase like “Folder of Apple Vision Pro reviews,” the system will generate a folder containing various articles on Vision Pro reviews from different publications.

In the upcoming weeks, the company has plans to introduce a new feature called “Live Folder.”. The system functions similarly to folders, with the distinction that these folders are automatically updated whenever a new blog post or similar event takes place. In the video, Miller demonstrates the process of updating filters for folders. Some examples could be a recent news article on a particular subject or receiving a notification in the linear issue tracking tool. It appears to involve a combination of monitoring RSS feeds and updates to web pages. However, it remains uncertain whether it has the capability to detect changes on a specific page.

The narrative trajectory
Web browsers often generate revenue through partnerships with search engines, utilizing their own advertising platforms, or occasionally offering subscription services. The Browser Company asserts that Chrome and other browsers are strategically designed to encourage increased search activity, thereby generating higher revenue from advertisements. The aim is to eliminate intermediaries and provide results directly to you.

Arc Browser aims to revolutionize web browsing by providing efficient and expedient search results. Additionally, it aims to utilize AI agents in a unique manner, rather than confining them to a sidebar for writing posts. In October 2023, the company introduced new AI capabilities, such as the ability to rename tabs and downloaded files, as well as providing a preview summary of a link.

However, with the increasing presence of AI-powered agents on the internet, concerns arise regarding the means of providing value to publishers and blogs whose content is being retrieved and summarized.

In a previous video, the company made a clear statement that it would not engage in the sale of user data to external entities for financial gain. However, it will delve into options like Arc for Teams. However, no official announcements have been made at this time.

There is ongoing discussion regarding the criteria used by AI to determine the most optimal outcomes. Preferences vary among individuals, and the outcome may not be optimal for everyone.

With the increasing demand for LLMs, platforms such as OpenAI and Perplexity are encouraging individuals to seek answers on their platforms. Search engines such as Google, Microsoft, and DuckDuckGo have also embraced the use of AI-powered search. Arc believes that it is an opportune moment to introduce a new search method in your web browser.

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