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YouTube is not currently developing a Vision Pro application

The Vision Pro headset from Apple is scheduled to be released for consumers today. However, YouTube has not developed a dedicated app for the device at this time. Christian Selig, the developer behind the popular Apollo for Reddit client, has now created Juno, a Vision Pro app for YouTube, addressing the need for a comprehensive solution in this space.

The application is priced at $5 for a single purchase and does not employ a recurring revenue model. According to Selig’s blog post, the app utilizes YouTube’s embed API to load videos in a web view and offer playback controls.

The developer stated that this enables an application like Juno to operate in its native environment, and even adjust window sizes automatically to accommodate various aspect ratios. In addition, the embed API allows YouTube to display advertisements to users who have not subscribed to the Premium tier.

The Juno app offers several useful features, including the ability to resize windows, easily scrub through videos with a pinch and drag motion, navigate forward or backward by 10 seconds with a double pinch on the sides, and dim the surroundings to enhance focus on the video.

Last month, Selig expressed his desire to create a wrapper app for YouTube native to Vision Pro on X. This decision was motivated by his significant usage of the service.

The current version of the application only allows for the use of a single window. However, by utilizing Vision Pro’s capability to display multiple spatial windows, he intends to implement multiview support. Additional features that are being planned for Juno include the ability to view comments, explore new immersive environments, and have control over captions.

Apple recently announced that there will be a total of 600 apps specifically optimized for Vision Pro. Although Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify apps are not available initially, users have the option to access content through various platforms such as Disney+, Max, ESPN, CBS, Paramount+, NBC, NBC Sports, Peacock, FOX Sports, and the UFC.

In June of last year, Apollo was shut down by Selig due to changes in Reddit’s API terms. In September, the developer released an update for his Pixel Pals app. This app is a virtual pet app designed for Apple’s Dynamic Island. The update introduced support for interactive widgets. In October, he also launched a language-learning widget through the Pixel Pals app.

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