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Get a smart watch for less than $30 in flash sale

Wearables are on the rise and people seem to be more and more interested in them. However, prices for a smart watch from mainstream companies can go as high as $500 a piece, which is outrageously expensive for an early adopter or first-timer, or someone who loves gadgets but doesn’t think they’re worth that much. Starting tomorrow, September 15, you can get your hands on a smart watch for less than $30 a piece if you participate in the flash sale that Everbuying is hosting.

The smart watch festival on Everbuying means that anyone from anywhere can buy a smart watch for as little as $23, which is an extremely low price for a wearable device. Everbuying has quite the array of devices prepared for the flash sale, which will last until September 24. Make sure to follow the promotion page to see what other smart watch units will be discounted and to how low. On the first day of the promotion, most of the smart watch units on display will cost less than $23, which is just great.

One of the new arrivals that are part of the smart watch flash sale are Ulefone’s new Ulefone UWear smart watches. These are basic smart watches with an Apple Watch design, a rectangular 2.5D Arc display, pedometer, Bluetooth 4.0, 34M RAM and standard watch processors, as well as their own Ulefone-branded software. The Ulefone UWear smart watch works with both Android and iOS smartphones, which can’t be said about the majority of wearables. The Ulefone UWear price will be $23 when the promo starts and go up to $30 when the promo ends.

ulefone uwatch

Besides the Ulefone UWear, you will also be able to buy the Mifone W15 smart watch for the same $23 price on the first day. This smart watch is similar to the Ulefone one in design and functionality, but it adds a sapphire glass touchscreen to the mix for that extra premium protection. This one also has adaptive brightness built-in, which is rare with these wearables. This one will cost only $10 on the first day of the promo, and $20 on the last, if stocks last.

The famous Zeblaze Crystal is also part of the Everbuying smart watch sale, and it might be the best deal of them all. For $55 on the first day of the promo, the Zeblaze Crystal adds a beautifully sleek design, Bluetooth, an optical heart rate monitor, a leather strap and of course, a curved display. It also comes with IP65 waterproof certification and is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

Last, but not least, another smart watch that you can buy throughout the festival is the DZ09, a small, yet versatile wearable that comes with its own SIM card slot. It bears most of the features the above mentioned wearables do, but adds a proprietary VGA camera and a SIM card slot to its feature list. It can still work with your phone, but it can also work independently, which is great for outdoorsy people. This one costs only $23 with limited stocks available. So which one would you like?

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