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Can VR be successful this time?

Survival of the virtual reality for this generation

I think the risk is in not being relevant when virtual reality takes off. There is the risk of it not taking of this time, because we had the problems in the 90’s when it was a lot of hype and no delivery, but the technology really accelerated, it has come with its reach price wise of the early consumer, so i think if you don’t get your foot in the door now and learn all the lessons, you won’t be relevant as a developer/creator when it does explode.

The most important part of VR for me is the presence, i am there, i feel like i belong in the space, so everything that builds around that, the sense of scale, verticality, distances, the length of your vistas- that is what keeps you involved in this web of I am there.

Everything that brings you out of that, anything that is a difference between what your brain expects and what you eye is seeing, that is going to be the problem that bring people out of the experience , and that is the death of virtual reality, when people are being constantly brought out of just being there.


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