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What to expect from the Galaxy S7

Samsung barely completed its line-up launch for the year but people are already talking about the next phone in two from the company, the Galaxy S7. Apparently, information about the Galaxy S7 design and features has already been leaked from company insiders, so we can already get a good idea of what the Galaxy S7 will bring to the market when it is launched in March 2016, most likely.

Galaxy S7 design elements will include a new chassis made from a magnesium alloy that will let Samsung make the new flagship light as a feather and thin as a piece of paper. Well, probably not that thin, but the company is trying nonetheless to catch up with Apple. The magnesium alloy chassis of the Galaxy S7 would be used for another reason as well: heat. Magnesium is a better conductor than aluminum, and thus will let heat circulate better in the circuits of the phone.

Samsung might be returning to Qualcomm for their next flagship, as the company made it clear that if the chip-maker delivers (not as it did with the Snapdragon 810, which had overheating problems), they will use what they deliver. With that in mind, the Galaxy S7 should sport a Snapdragon 830 CPU in the international variant and a new Exynos octa SoC in the other variant which will most likely be exclusive to the U.S.

4 GB RAM are supposed to be on board the phone, alongside a new fingerprint sensor that will be even more accurate than the current one on the Galaxy Note 5. Reportedly, the fingerprint sensor will have more uses in the Galaxy S7, as the company might be introducing a new store of their own, in support of Tizen.

Take this with a grain of salt, as Samsung hasn’t confirmed any of this, but apparently it is going to make the Galaxy S7 the ultimate flagship to top them all, adding in front-facing dual stereo speakers that are supposed to be better than the BoomSound speakers that HTC is famous for. Moreover, fast wireless charging will be made more accessible, as the company plans to introduce their new charging pad (which now is an extra $70) as the standard charging pad in the box of the device.

The camera setup of the Galaxy S7 is expected to measure 21 MP and the South Korean giant is expected to include optical image stabilization, laser autofocus and even optical zoom in the specs. At the same time, the back of the phone will yet again hide a heart rate sensor, but an improved one that can rival with the famed Apple Watch heart rate sensor. The front camera will measure 8 MP and it will have its own LED flash.

The Galaxy S7 should improve on many things, and battery life is something that the company is focused on, according to various reports. Besides designing flexible batteries, Samsung is working on prolonging autonomy of these. Now that might mean that the Galaxy S7 will feature a new battery standard that’s bigger and lasts longer. That in turn would make Samsung quite popular once again, as people are starting to get fed up with bad battery life.

Regardless, there’s still quite a few months ahead of us until the Galaxy S7 release date and many things can change until then. These are the initial rumors and reports that we’ve gathered that sounded plausible and came from reliable people. Since Samsung is already probably in production for the flagship, we should find out more soon enough.


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