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Mixcder Drip Headphones

Mixcder Drip Headphones- Great Value for Affordable Price

Mixcder completed its line of products recently with the Mixcder Drip Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones. This device completes an already existing line of headphones, speakers and other relevant audio products. Since Mixcder is a brand that is specialized in designing and developing all kinds of audio devices, high quality sound is not only expected from them, but also delivered by Mixcder. Their latest additions, the Mixcder Drip Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones, deliver exactly what Mixcder promised to offer: great design and even greater sound quality.

mixcder drip

The Mixcder Drip Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones have a modern line with big, over- the- ear earmuffs. Not only will the Mixcder Drip Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones deliver great sound to delight your ears, the fashionable design will also delight your eyes. The Mixcder Drip Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones comes in blue and white with a drip of red on the earmuffs, so being dull is the last thing you could accuse them of. Both the color and the design are youthful, modern and a little sporty, making it perfect for youngsters and for the forever young also.

Apart from being fashionable, the design and the chosen materials also make the Mixcder Drip Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones extremely comfortable. They come with custom fit supra aural soft earmuffs. Both the headband and the earmuffs are covered in  artificial protein leather. This makes the Mixcder Drip Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones feel comfortable, making it possible for users to wear them for long periods of time without feeling any discomfort. The bi- fold design also makes it easy for users to find them a good place when they are not worn. Due to their foldable design, the Mixcder Drip Headphones are also easy to carry. The Mixcder Drip Headphones have a power button and volume button on the left earmuff so they are extremely easy to control. They also feature an audio jack and a micro USB port where you can connect your charger. The audio cable allows users to connect their Mixcder Drip Headphones to their computer, smartphone or tablet, so you can easily use the headphones with any device. The charging cable has a micro USB on one end and a full size USB on the other. This way you will be able to charge your Mixcder Drip Headphone from your computer.mixcder drip 2

The Mixcder Drip Headphones are compatible with most Bluetooth chips. Due to this, the signal of the Mixcder Drip Headphones will be stable and transmission power loss is reduced to its minimum. You can connect the Mixcder Dripp Headphones to any mobile device that supports Bluetooth. The Mixcder Drip Headphones come with Bluetooth 4.0+EDR. They work in a 10 m radius from the device they are paired with, giving users a more than decent perimeter to move around without having to carry another device with them. This way users will be able to listen to their favorite music while they are getting things done in the house without needing to have their smartphone or tablet on them. Of course, when users are not on the move they can also connect their Mixcder Drip Headphones directly to their computer or other devices in order to listen to music in great sound quality.

Speaking of sound quality, the Mixcder Drip Headphones feature Deep Bass High Fidelity. The 40 mm speaker drivers are able to deliver a powerful sound combined with rich bass. Sound never seemed as clear as it does with the Mixcder Drip Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. The headphones also have a built- in microphone system. This features noise reduction. This way users will have the possibility to take calls and have clear conversations even when weather conditions wouldn’t normally allow them to. The noise reduction feature offer by the Mixcder Drip headphones will keep calls clear even in windy or noisy environments.mixcder drip 3mixcder drip 4

The Mixcder Drip Headphones feature a quite high capacity, 400 mAh built in battery. This battery can ensure up to 20 hours music playing time and up to 250 hours standby time. This is pretty impressive for Bluetooth headphones, specially for ones that have the great price the Mixcder Drip Headphones are available for. The long lasting battery enables users to wear them all day without having to worry that their headphones will run out of power. Lack of portability and reliability are certainly not problems you should encounter when using the Mixcder Drip Headphones.mixcder drip 5

If you want to pair the Mixcder Drip headphones with other Bluetooth devices there are only a few easy steps you need to go through. After you power on the headset, blue and red alternating lights will let you know that the headset is ready to be paired with other devices. The smartphone or tablet should easily locate the Mixcder Drip by its pairing name. After pairing the devices you can listen to music and take calls. Connecting your wireless headphones to a Bluetooth device just couldn’t be any easier than this.

The Mixcder Drip Headphones are now available on Amazon. They are sold by Xfire and the order will be fulfilled by Amazon. The Mixcder Drip Headphones are on sale and you can purchase them from Amazon for only $39.99. This means that you can save 60% of their original $99.98 price. It is a bargain given the quality of the Mixcder Drip Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones. The $39.99 price also includes free shipping, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t order the headphones right now.



Price/Performance - 9
Noise Canceling - 9.2
Bass quality - 9
Overall Sound - 9.1



Best ratio of price/performance for the Mixder Drip Bluetooth Headphones. Great bass and noise cancelling - overall guys you have a great product here and an incredible price.

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