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Common Galaxy Note 5 Bugs, Issues And Fixes

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is considered to be a high- quality device, it still has its own flaws. Naturally, there is a fix to every one of the Galaxy Note 5 bugs out there, users just have to find it. Sometimes the solutions to an issue that occurred while using your Galaxy Note 5 are quite simple, in other cases, fixing the problem might involve more complicated procedures. But in the end Galaxy Note 5 bugs will always be taken care of.

One of the most common Galaxy Note 5 bugs consists in the screen freezing, specially when unlocking the device. Some users reported that the issue lasts for about 2 to 5 seconds, others complained that their screens freeze for up to 10 seconds. One of the solutions to fix this Galaxy Note 5 bug is extremely simple: users should make sure they are not pressing the screen while holding their devices. Even this may cause the screen to freeze. Another way to fix these Galaxy Note 5 bugs is to turn off your Galaxy Note 5 and then press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons at the same time. After this users need to wipe their cache partition and turn their device on again. These simple steps should fix the Galaxy Note 5 bug that occurred. Of course, screen freezing may also be due to some apps, and in some cases resetting your devices may be needed in order to fix the screen- freezing Galaxy Note 5 bug.

Another quite common problem that Galaxy Note 5 users have to handle is that the fast charging feature doesn’t work. This is a serious Galaxy Note 5 bug which can create serious inconvenience specially for those in a hurry. The first and most obvious solution is for users to make sure they are using the Adaptive Fast Charging Cable that came with their device and that this cable is correctly plugged in. If this doesn’t solve the problem, users could try to plug and unplug their chargers several times, until the fast charging goes on. Of course, this is not a good solution for long- term use, so users who are faced with this problem should address the shop they bought their Galaxy Note 5 at or Samsung in order for their device to be repaired or replaced.

One Galaxy Note 5 bug that is incredibly annoying is that the phablet can’t connect to a certain Wi- Fi network, while working perfectly with others. If this is the case, users can try a number of possible fixes. The most simple and quick way to try to come around this Galaxy Note 5 bug is to turn your device off and then turn it on again and do the same thing with your wireless router. In case this doesn’t quite work for you, you could try to set up the connection again, after previously deleting it from your Wi- Fi network list. Another Galaxy Note 5 bug related to Wi- Fi connections could consist in the fact that they are disconnected from Wi- Fi. In this case users should always make sure that their device is set to keep Wi- Fi on during sleep. If this feature is not turned on, it may cause the device to disconnect from Wi- Fi.

Another Galaxy Note 5 bug that is quite common is also related to connections, but this time to Bluetooth which may not connect or disconnect without an obvious reason. If Bluetooth is turned on and the devices are correctly paired deleting the pairing that causes problems and restarting the device followed by repairing could fix the Galaxy Note 5 bug mentioned. In other cases users might need to wipe their cache partition or even reset their devices.

There aren’t many Samsung Galaxy Note 5 bugs and issues reported so far, and these are the most common, but every little problem that prevents users from having an excellent user experience should be addressed at once. Help can come from tech- enthusiasts who found the solution to the problems or from Samsung, through OS updates. The important thing is to solve your Galaxy note 5 bugs and issues, not matter where fixes come from. What other problems and issues were you faced with while using your Galaxy Note 5?

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