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Fossil Q Founder Android Smartwatch Revealed

Smartwatches are becoming must have accessories. Although tech companies were the first to release them, traditional watchmakers are also trying to break into the market nowadays. Fossil also joined the ride by launching its Q line of smartwatches. The flagship device of the Q line is the Fossil Q Founder. Besides the Fossil Q Founder, customers will get a large range of connected wearables in the Fossil Q line.These include the Q Reveler, Q Dreamer and the Q Grant. All these three Q watches are  in fact analog watches that now have integrated electronics in their bands. Due to these electronics twill be able to track activity and exercising.


The Fossil Q Founder on the other hand is a touchscreen smartwatch instead of just having electronics integrated in its band. The full touchscreen displayed smartwatch runs on Android Wear.The Fossil Q Founder is powered by an Intel chip. This is a little bit unusual given the fact that the majority of recently released smartwatches are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processors. Whether the chip of the Fossil Q Founder will work better, just as fine or worse, it still remains to be seen.

The Fossil Q Founder will be able to deliver a number of notifications to the user’s wrist. These include incoming phone calls, text messages and emails. The Fossil Q Founder will also notify users about calendar events and will deliver personalized Google cards. These contain information related to  weather, sport events, traffic and a few other things. The Fossil Q Founder is not exactly autonomous given the fact that it doesn’t support a SIM card. But it will still offer all its functions when connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi- Fi. Speaking of smartphones, although the Fossil Q Founder is an Android Wear device, it will be capable of connecting to iOS mobile devices also. So if you have an iPhone you can still use the Fossil Q Founder, it doesn’t require you to change it with an Android phone.fossil q founder

It seems that the Fossil Q Founder will be released in time for the holidays. Its price will start from $275, making it quite affordable for its brand name. It is likely that the steel link bracelet model will be a little more expensive but there are no clear information about its pricing. If you wouldn’t like to spend this kind of money on a Fossil smartwatch you can opt for the other devices in the Q line. The Q Reveler and Q Dreamer are priced at $125, while the Q Grant will be available for $175-$195.

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