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New Android Wear Smartwatches Confirmed by Google

Rumor had it that after releasing its own smartphones, Google will launch its own smartwatches too. The rumor was just confirmed by Jeff Chang, the product manager of Android Wear. He also mentioned that the new wearables will launch sometime in early 2017. Basically, that’s only a few weeks away. We reported earlier this month that the tech giant purchased Cronologics, a smartwatch startup funded mainly by former Google employees. This company manufactured the CoWatch, and also developed its own software. This is also the reason why the Mountain View- based company acquired the startup.

According to previous reports, the tech giant is now focusing on improving the Android Wear 2.0 which is due to be released. Actually, everyone expected it to be here already, but it seems that Google wasn’t really comfortable releasing it just yet. Even though this means another few weeks of waiting for those who were going to purchase some new smart accessories, let’s hope that everything is for the best. The fact that Google won’t release a software until they are totally satisfied by it shows that they really care about their customers. Or at least they don’t want to get into awkward situations.

Going back to Google’s upcoming smartwatches, it still looks like there will be two of them. Even though there is no official information about the two gadgets, based on this year’s Pixel smartphones, we can expect them to be quite impressive. Of course, if users won’t be delighted by them, they can always opt for third party smartwatches that will also run on Android Wear 2.0. As a matter of fact, according to Jeff Chang, some of these wearables will be unveiled at the CES 2017 which will take place in early January.

Given the fact that it’s highly likely that the new software will support Google Assistant, it’s safe to say that it will be a lot more interesting than the current version of the operating system. The company could really use a boost in this section. Even though many people use Android Wear-operated gadgets, it seems that Apple Watches and their WatchOS still do better.

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