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Sony Music Apologizes for Hoax Tweet Announcing Britney’s Dead

Some people think that they can post anything on social media pages without any consequences. Or at least it would seem so. Probably Sony Music didn’t think too much before tweeting that Britney Spears was killed in an accident. Of course, the company quickly apologized to the pop star and stated that their account was hacked. Whether this is true or one of their employees who had access to the Twitter account was feeling especially funny, is not quite certain yet. However, we tend to believe Sony Music when they say that their account was hacked. After all, the same “Rest in peace @britneyspears” message was posted to the official account of Bob Dylan also only a few minutes after the one on Sony Music’s page.

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Even though for a few minutes Britney Spears’ fans might have thought that the lineup of terrible news regarding pop stars just wouldn’t stop, the singer’s manager soon announced that the pop star was all right. According to BBC News, a group called OurMine has gained access to the Twitter account. It’s not quite clear whether they were the ones who posted the hoax tweets regarding Britney’s accidental death or they hacked into the account later. To be honest, the first version seems a lot more plausible than the latter.

Unfortunately for Sony, this isn’t the first time their accounts were hacked. Thankfully, this time around it wasn’t as bad as it was in 2014. A false news is definitely not as serious as leaking a whole James Bond movie and its script before its release. It is always easier to apologize to one pop star than losing a lot of money because of a leaked movie. Thankfully for Sony Music, Britney Spears took the hoax really well. To be honest, she didn’t even react directly, her manager only made a statement clearing up the facts. This probably means that the issue wasn’t even important enough to address it in person. Even so, Sony Music should really consider sending the woman a really nice gift for being such a good sport.


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