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LG Robots To Be Unveiled at CES 2017

CES 2017 officially debuts on January 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, LG is planning on revealing its new robots starting January 4 at this event, before the official opening of the conference. The information comes from a  press release offered by LG Electronics USA on December 30, 2016. Besides the usual consumer electronics, consisting in new smartphones, TVs and what not else, the company is planning on previewing a series of new LG robots. Even though at this point robots are not yet a truly important part of our lives, they sure will become soon.

Of course, the mass production of the majority of our electronics relies on robotics, but we don’t have robots per say in our homes. This will probably change soon. More and more companies develop robots based on artificial intelligence, and LG is no exception. The LG robots, according to the company, “will be able to navigate complex environments and decipher the most efficient and effective path to accomplish tasks”. This way, they will become extremely helpful for people. We’ve already seen Zuckerberg’s AI butler, why shouldn’t we have one some day?

LG already delivered some cleaning robots, such as the LG HOM-BOT automated cleaner. However, the new lineup of robots consists in non- cleaning aids. The “Hub Robot” for example, is a device that is not only a personal assistant but also doubles as a smart home gateway. Other LG robots will tend to the owner’s yard and garden. The days of personally mowing the lawn are soon to be over. Of course, the South Korean company will not stop at robots for homes only. The new robot lineup also offers some gadgets that will be used for commercial purposes. These will be present in stores, airports, and hotels. They can offer useful information to travelers or buyers.

Whether we like it or not, robots will definitely become an important part of our lives soon. All the major manufacturers know this, including LG. Even though these are the first non-cleaning robots of the company, we will definitely see more. If they prove to be useful, we can only embrace the new trend.

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