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Next Generation LeapPad and LeapStart Unveiled by LeapFrog at 2017 North American International Toy Fair

LeapFrog Enetrpises, Inc. recently unveiled the new generation of its innovative learning toys for children. Now, people have a new version of the LeapPad and the LeapStart platforms. The LeapPad Ultimate tablet is the latest addition to the company’s lineup of educational tablets. The LeapStart Learning System also got an enhancement, as it was presented at the 2017 North American International Toy Fair. The new products will also feature the most popular children’s entertainment properties, including Trolls, PAW Patrol, and PJ Masks. Thanks to the latest additions, parents can now offer their children a kid- safe learning tablet “packed with fun, engaging content that helps develop their child’s mathematics, reading, and problem-solving skills”.

The LeapPad Ultimate builds upon the success of the initial LeapPad. The Ultimate model offers more than $100 worth of re-loaded learning apps and videos. With the help of these apps, children can develop their skills in mathematics, reading, and science. The tablet also allows kids to further enhance their skills in music, problem solving, logic, and creativity. These apps and videos can help kids prepare for preschool and even beyond. Besides the new tablet, the company also launched three new cartridges featuring PJ Masks for kids ages three to five, a PAW Patrol problem-solving game for kids ages four to seven and a colorful Trolls creativity game that will foster imagination for kids ages four to seven.

Besides these new cartridges, those who opt for the Leappad ultimate can also gain access to the LeapFrog App Center that is comprised of 1,000+ learning apps, e-books, videos and more. Unfortunately, this content is not for free. However, it may be worth every cent. The tablet is kid- friendly and it provides a browser that can access pre-selected websites, being safer for children. Even the design of the tablet is safe for children, with its built-in bumper, reinforced design, and shatter-safe screen. Parents can set up multiple accounts on the tablet for more children aged three to eight.

LeapFrog also updated the LeapStart learning system. This allows kids to prepare for preschool and school by playing innovative learning games. The platform offers activity books and leveled library that will grow with kids. These will get kids in touch with concepts such as math, reading and writing as well as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and creative expression. The special stylus that reads invisible dots on every page, triggering engaging audio like questions, challenges, songs, jokes and more to teach school and life skills is a magical addition to the platform. Even though every activity book only offers 30+ activities, these are more than enough given the fact that children can play them over and over again without getting bored. There are 28 books in the library on LeapStart. Together, they can offer over 400 activities that help children learn.



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