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Twitter layoffs continue, including those of loyalist Esther Crawford

The Information and former Twitter employees reported at least 50 more layoffs.

According to Platformer’s Zoë Schiffer, even Elon Musk loyalist Esther Crawford, Twitter payments’ top executive who handled Twitter Blue, was fired. Crawford and most of the product team were laid off this weekend, according to Alex Heath of The Verge. Many believe Musk is cleaning house to start over.

Last year, Crawford was swept up in Musk’s hardline takeover of Twitter, boasting on Twitter about sleeping at the office to accommodate her new boss’s 24/7 demands.

Twitter let off staff this weekend after discovering they couldn’t use Slack. Twitter fell down because it hadn’t paid its Slack bill, but that wasn’t the reason. The platformer said Twitter manually blocked access. While correlation does not imply causation, a complete organization being cut off from their principal source of communication while layoffs were dropping like bombs generated bewilderment and fear.

“Slack is gone, therefore no one knows what is going on,” reads one Blind post. “Email and access were cut Saturday at 2 a.m.This was the worst business layoff ever.

The post listed 50% layoffs in human relations, 60% in sales and marketing, 35% in engineering, 40% in finance, and 80% in project management. The poster indicated employees earned one month’s severance. Twitter declined to comment on the layoffs.

According to The Information, Twitter let go of its ad sales personnel on February 17, starting this series of layoffs.

After losing his email account, senior product manager Martijn de Kuijper tweeted that he discovered he was unemployed.

“I woke up to find my email locked. I’m fired. “My Revue adventure is finally finished,” tweeted de Kuijper. The manager founded Revue, an editorial newsletter tool that Twitter bought in 2021.

Since Musk took over Twitter last October, its headcount has dropped by nearly 70%. Musk pledged no further layoffs in November. Musk has a history of breaking promises, whether it’s promising to solve full self-driving “next year” every year since 2014 or promising to stop selling Tesla stock only to sell $3.5 billion more.



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