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Updated interior seen in Cybertruck

The summer of 2023 is almost over, and we have no Cybertruck. But a serendipitous visit to a San Francisco parking lot yielded new images of the unreleased polygonal electric truck.

Tesla watchers The Kilowatts posted new interior photos of Elon Musk’s Cybertruck.

Fingerprints? On this blocky buggy’s exterior?

Fingerprints. Will it be like having a stainless steel fridge?

Back to what’s new, Kilowatts’ photos show a Cybertruck with a different wheel and center console than in May. This vehicle may not be a representation of the Cybertruck when Tesla delivers them in bulk.

The photos were taken through the windshield and front windows, but the dash is still sparsely designed, which is in line with Tesla’s first major refresh of the Model 3.

The new photos may have satisfied Tesla fans, but they all want deliveries. It’s unclear when summer will end, which would mean another missed deadline. According to a company-wide email Musk sent last month, delays may be caused by the automaker’s struggles to fit all the parts aesthetically. Some earlier Cybertruck photos showed how clumsy its harsh corners can look.

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