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The iPhone 15’s smart camera makes it a refined flagship

I got to try the iPhone 15 at Apple’s fall event today. It didn’t have the iPhone 15 Pro’s titanium, but it did get softer, more rounded edges and the Dynamic Island for the first time.

The iPhone 15 looks great. Apple explained its material science magic in the new colored glass and anodized aluminum cases during its presentation. All most people care about is that they look great, like candy-colored confections in muted but fun tones.

Apple’s new pink was the showstopper at the presentation, and the bubblegum/blush combo looked great in person. The new phones are a visual treat and feel better in the hand than the last generation due to their slightly curved outer edge, which your fingers like wrapping around.

The iPhone 15 is still the lightest, but the 15 Pro’s titanium/aluminum frame reduces the weight gap between the two.

The iPhone 15 has a more powerful processor than the iPhone 14 Pro. That probably speeds it up, but it’s hard to notice in such a short time, and I’m comparing it to my 14 Pro, so they should be the same.

The iPhone 15 has a 48 MP sensor that outputs 24 MP by default, with Apple using the extra resolution headroom for computational camera magic. The demo hall camera was impressive, and I think this is a good step up for mainline iPhone users who might have envied their Pro peers’ photos.

USB-C is also welcome and doesn’t change the phone’s handling or footprint. Apple has limited it to USB 2.0 speeds on the iPhone 15, which is annoying but not a big deal since most people rarely use their cable connection for data transfer.

The 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch 15 (iPhone Plus) iPhone 15 goes on sale Friday with shipments starting next week.

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