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Instagram now allows status updates with short videos

Instagram announced Wednesday that users can post video notes. Instagram’s status feature, Notes, launched a year ago. You could only post text or emojis to your status update before. A two-second looping video note can now be shared with mutual followers or close friends for 24 hours.

Since Instagram already allows video stories, the new Notes update may confuse users looking to share a 24-hour video. Video Notes probably won’t replace Instagram Stories because two seconds isn’t long. Video notes can only be shared from your front-facing camera, unlike video stories. You can’t upload a video from your phone’s camera gallery to a video note because you must capture it in the app.

Go to your inbox, tap your photo in the Notes tray, and click the camera button on top to post a video note. Tap record to record a two-second video. Add text and post the video when you’re satisfied.

The social media platform now lets your friends reply to Notes with audio, photos, videos, gifs, and stickers, in addition to text. A DM is sent to a friend when you respond to a note with a photo or sticker.

Instagram Notes, which allowed users to communicate via text, competed with Twitter (now X) when it launched in December 2022. People were looking for an alternative to Twitter after Elon Musk bought it. The New York Times reported that Meta was considering making Instagram Notes a Twitter competitor. However, Threads, launched in August, became Meta’s Twitter competitor.

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