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WhatsApp introduces Channel voice updates and polling

WhatsApp is enhancing its broadcasting feature channels with new functionalities, including voice updates, polls, and the ability to have more admins.

The company announced that channel owners have the ability to communicate updates to their followers. This has the potential to greatly enhance engagement, particularly for individuals with podcasts who can release enticing snippets from their episodes. WhatsApp highlighted the impressive scale of its user base, with a staggering 2 billion users who collectively send a remarkable 7 billion voice messages every day.

In addition, channel owners have the ability to post polls on their channels. In the past, the sole method of interacting with a post on a channel involved using emojis to express one’s response.

The company is also introducing a new feature that allows users to share channel updates with their personal WhatsApp status, similar to the chat app’s Stories feature. Instagram offers a feature that allows users to incorporate posts from channels into their stories. It’s an efficient method for channel administrators to disseminate information to individuals within their network about their channel.

In June 2023, WhatsApp introduced the Channels feature in Singapore and Columbia, and later in September 2023, it was made available worldwide. During that period, the application only permitted a single administrator for each channel. However, the Meta-owned company has now decided to increase the number of admins per channel to 16. The owner has the ability to invite other individuals to become administrators by utilizing the “Invite admins” feature located on the channel description page.

WhatsApp has observed a rapid growth in channels, with over 500 million people using it on a monthly basis.

In the latest update, Telegram introduced new features that enhance channel discovery and customization. Users now have the ability to share channel updates with their stories, providing a seamless experience within the app.


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