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Apple Vision Pro’s Persona feature now allows for collaboration

Apple’s personas are still evolving, like the headsets they were created for. First-generation beta avatars were—is “nightmarish” strong enough? A later update made them more acceptable and realistic, and Apple claims it’s still working on 3D captures.

The company introduced “spatial” personas for Vision Pro headsets running Vision OS 1.1 or later on Tuesday. Previous versions were confined to FaceTime and Zoom, but the new version adds cooperation to the headgear.

FaceTime starts the spatial aspect, but SharePlay opens it to other apps. From there, customers can choose a spatial persona, which places the persona in the room using the Vision Pro’s sensors.

Additionally, spatial audio places them in space relative to the Vision Pro user.

Apple’s video shows two personas flanking a freeform window. This simulates project collaboration at an office conference table. This conference table is the user’s home desk.

Nice effect? Yes. Is it scary? Also, yes. Uncanny Valley business will continue for Vision Pro users. Being an early adopter means that.

The feature lets users watch movies and play games together, as well as work. Five users can utilize it simultaneously.

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