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California will simplify EV-to-grid charging

If you put solar panels on your roof, you should also add batteries for power outages. Even if you don’t create power, a storage system may be beneficial. That way, you may charge the batteries while power is cheap and use that stored energy when electricity is sky-high and the …

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YouTube Premium offers SharePlay, higher-quality video, and more

Today, YouTube Premium, the $11.99 ad-free version of YouTube, is adding features to attract and retain customers. Most significantly, the subscription plan will now include higher-quality video for web and iOS users, support for co-watching videos on FaceTime using Apple’s SharePlay, and mobile queue controls. Although many people don’t know …

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The iPod is (re)invented by Apple

Apple created a pocket-sized device that plays music, videos, and books without a smartphone or smartwatch. Cupertino, near. Apple has filed a patent application for a headphone-case-meets-pocket-computer with a touchscreen display and the guts to browse tunes, movies, weather, and maps. Apple reinvented the iPod because time is flat. Apple …

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By the stats, your slowing

More than a sensation. Pitchbook and the National Venture Capital Association report that venture companies are raising and deploying less money than in prior years. What to know: U.S. transaction count has dropped 25% since the first quarter of last year. Between January and March, less than 3,000 agreements were …

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Blue Twitter users will see “half advertisements”

Twitter is giving Blue members 50% more advertisements in their timeline and a search boost. Elon Musk had long promised Twitter Blue subscribers fewer sponsored tweets. The firm has introduced functionality for the “following” and “for you” timelines. “As you scroll, you will see around twice as many organic or …

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Britain investigates Amazon’s $1.7B iRobot purchase

The U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is reviewing Amazon’s planned acquisition of iRobot. The CMA is seeking stakeholder input to determine if Amazon’s acquisition of iRobot would cause a “significant decrease of competition” in the U.K. The CMA hasn’t set a timeline for announcing its investigative decision. Smart home …

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Android app account termination follows Apple’s lead

Today, Google revealed a new account termination policy for Android applications that create accounts. The corporation will enforce this regulation early next year. This follows Apple’s June 30, 2022 App Store regulation. By December 7, the firm will need developers to answer data deletion questions in the Data Safety form. …

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