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LinkedIn will offer AI-powered ad copy tools next

LinkedIn launched its own ad suggestion tool weeks after Meta launched a suite of generative AI-based tools to help advertisers create different campaigns. The company suggests ad introductory text based on a marketer’s LinkedIn page and Campaign Manager settings like objective, targeting criteria, and audience. Microsoft-owned LinkedIn uses OpenAI models …

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RISE—RISC-V Software Ecosystem—is launched by the Linux Foundation Europe

Today, the Linux Foundation Europe launched the RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE) project. RISE brings together many software and hardware vendors to accelerate “the availability of software for high-performance and power-efficient RISC-V cores running high-level operating systems for a variety of market segments.” Google, Intel, MediaTek, Nvidia, Qualcomm Technologies, Red Hat, …

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How Elizabeth Holmes was imprisoned

Theranos was worth $10 billion ten years ago. Wire fraud indicted her five years ago. Holmes began her 11-year-and-3-month sentence today. A defendant is usually convicted and imprisoned soon after indictment. Holmes’ legal team has played every card to delay her fall, which was once hailed as the next Steve …

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Meta’s bespoke chips and supercomputer bet on AI

Meta revealed its in-house infrastructure for AI workloads, including generative AI like that used in its recently unveiled ad design and creation tools, at a virtual event this morning. Meta tried to show its superiority by adopting AI-friendly hardware systems, which has slowed its progress compared to Google and Microsoft. …

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Virgin Galactic plans a May crewed flight

Virgin Galactic hopes to resume crewed flights later this month, nearly two years after its first and only flight in July 2021. The space tourism company announced Monday that it will launch four people in late May. The mission validates the spaceflight system and “astronaut experience” before commercial service begins …

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