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Google Inbox, the new e-mail client from Gmail

Google Inbox, the new e-mail client from Gmail, entered the public testing phase

Google Inbox, the modernized messaging service that unites Gmail, Calendar or the list of activities and packs them into a single stream of information, can now be tried by anyone, Google eliminating the restriction that allowed access only by invitation. Also starting by now, the company opens access to Google Inbox for all customers of Google for Works service, with the condition that the nominated directors to have already activated this function in the early-adopter program.

With the changeover to the public testing phase, the Inbox Google service has received several new features that were designed to save time for its users. Thus, those who use to travel have at their disposal the Trip Package Bundles package. Complementing the core functionality, consisting of automatic organizing email messages, sorted into groups of content (promotions, news, messages in social networks, etc.), Trip Bundles automatically groups messages that refer to travel in a separate group, keeping visible the important information on flights, hotel reservations and other details. Further, Inbox extracts relevant information from the body of emails and organizes them in an easy to browse format, similar to that already used by Google Now. During the trip the system will highlight information considered relevant at that specific moment, such as flight itinerary (departure, arrival, delays, etc.), options for transport and the booking options at the hotel. Another interesting feature is the support for reminders, meant to remind us of important activities. For example, if in an e-mail message we are asked to do something important (ex. To buy a ticket) Google might suggest creating an alert to remind us of this.

Another interesting feature is the function for the recall of the sent messages, which is available for 10 seconds after using the Send button.
Email messages can have attached personalized signatures, automatically synchronized between all the associated devices (except Gmail account).

“We think of Gmail and Inbox as two different products. Gmail is the best product in its class and we want to keep it like this. In contrast, Inbox is a product with a slightly different purpose, through which we want to help people to see things that really matter in their lives ˝, says Shalini Agarwal, Google Inbox product manager.

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