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The updated Gmail interface is here to stay

This month, Google will start requiring you to adopt the new interface. This month marks the beginning of Gmail’s permanent switchover, which will switch everyone to a new integrated look. We’ll all simply have to get used to the bouncy — and very blue — design since Google revealed it …

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Google will alert Gmail users about unencrypted emails

Gmail, Google’s email service  is taking security extremely seriously. The company united their forces with research teams from the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan starting 2013 and they tried to come up with a solution to make the email service even more secure. Now they revealed the result …

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Is Microsoft Flow the future of email apps?


Microsoft is reportedly building a new email app called Microsoft Flow that wants to be the go-to email app foe everyone in the future. Although Inbox by Gmail and Gmail generally is already one of the most popular email apps out there and most people are satisfied with what Google …

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