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iOS 9 Code Hinting Future iPhone?

Did Apple intentionally leave a bread crumb trail towards their next iPhone through their newest iOS? In the coding of iOS 9, new features were discovered regarding the future of cameras on Apple’s future mobile devices. While Apple has yet to confirm this, people are excited for some of these new features.

This information came as a result of developer Hamza Sood peaking into the coding of iOS 9. What was revealed included changes to the FaceTime camera and, get this, support for a new FaceTime camera that comes with 1080p video capture. This is significant increase from the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 720p camera.

The website 9to5Mac also revealed some of the other features that Sood picked up on. They reported that the, “Code in iOS 9 also hints at support for capturing 240fps video at 720p using the front facing FaceTime camera, Sood notes.” This is something new, and definitely unseen in Apple’s past updates for the FaceTime camera. The website would continue to say that, “Other additions to iOS 9 discovered in the code include support for a front-facing camera flash — something Apple hasn’t included on any previous iPhone — and the ability to capture panoramic selfie photos using the front camera.”

International Business Times adds on to the idea that these features will be included in a new iPhone. They said that, “Many of these additions don’t seem to be the kind of features that can be activated through a software update — especially the possibility of a front-facing flash. (Although there’s nothing physically stopping current iPhones from stitching selfie panoramas.) So they are likely intended for a future device, which is probably the iPhone Apple is currently cooking up in its labs. ”

The website BGR, based on what was revealed, discussed that Apple was making a new move. With these new cameras, it seems that Apple is appealing to the “selfie” consumer. The website site reported, “Taken together, it seems future iPhones are going to deliver selfie-taking capabilities that far exceed what current iPhones offer. We don’t know whether these specs will be part of the iPhone 6s that will release this fall or part of the iPhone 7 that we’ll get in 2016.”

While it’s amazing that people were able to discover this information, there’s the slight possibility that we might not see this in a future iPhone. Apple could make it easier on all of us and officially confirm all of our suspicions. What are your thoughts on this?

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