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Facebook App iOS Battery Drain Issue Addressed

Since the iOS 9 rolled out in September, the majority of Apple mobile device users have upgraded to the new software. The iOS 9 enables users to monitor the battery usage of every app in particular. This way a lot of iOS users got to the conclusion that the Facebook …

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iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S battery life comparison

The hope with new smartphone releases is always that they will improve everything that was wron with the last model. While some companies manage to pull off such things, most leave out a few mistakes and tweaks. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 are both very recent Apple releases which …

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Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Pro- The High- End Tablets of 2015

A great number of high- end devices were launched this year. We now have incredibly powerful smartphones, laptops and gadgets. And tablets, of course. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and Apple’s iPad Pro were two of the most anticipated and awaited tablets that were unveiled in 2015. The Surface Pro 4 was released at …

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iOS 9.0.2 update fixes security flaw

Some people thought that the reported iOS 9 security flaw was fake. Others believed that it can be a serious problem for iOS 9 users. Since Apple didn’t comment on this issue, we couldn’t know anything for sure. Since the company released a iOS 9 update 30 September, the iOS …

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iOS 9 security flaw

The new and smarter Siri was considered to be one of the best features of the iOS 9. Now it seems it’s also to blame for one of the recently discovered security flaws of the iOS 9. The now viral security flaw consists in outsider’s ability to access photos and contacts …

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Something Missing in iOS 9

The iOS 9 was supposed to offer its users a feature which is missing both from the iOS 9 and its update the iOS 9.0.1. The missing element of the new operating system and its update which was supposed to solve the issues users reported since iOS 9 was launched …

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iOS 9 Code Hinting Future iPhone?

Did Apple intentionally leave a bread crumb trail towards their next iPhone through their newest iOS? In the coding of iOS 9, new features were discovered regarding the future of cameras on Apple’s future mobile devices. While Apple has yet to confirm this, people are excited for some of these …

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Apple announces iOS 9 Beta for July

iOS 9

There have been quite a few interesting reveals at WWDC 2015, and Apple has brought quite a few interesting updates to the stage. There are not that many official details about the upcoming Apple smartphones, such as the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 7, but we’ve still gotten interesting information …

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