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In Logan, Australia, Wing offers clients of DoorDash drone delivery choices

Together, DoorDash and Alphabet’s Wing will give customers a simpler method to arrange for drone deliveries of their purchases. A small percentage of DoorDash users in Logan, Australia will be able to purchase specific convenience and supermarket goods through the DoorDash app starting this week, and have them delivered by a Wing drone, usually in 15 minutes or less, the company claims.

The procedure resembles a standard DoorDash delivery in many ways. For starters, in Berrinba, Browns Plains, Crestmead, Heritage Park, Kingston, Logan Central, Marsden, Regents Park, and Waterford West, the app’s “DoorDash Air” carousel emphasizes the items that qualify for Wing drone delivery. The GPS position of orders is also tracked in real time. Perhaps the only significant distinction is that customers who buy via drone will be required to choose a delivery area in the app where their box can be securely lowered from the drone once it arrives, in contrast to a typical DoorDash delivery.

The DoorDash agreement is a step toward expanding Wing’s infrastructure so that its delivery service may be accessed through third-party apps, as Wing writes on its corporate blog.

While Wing has historically offered delivery services directly to residential and commercial customers, Wing Australia GM Simon Rossi stated in a press release that in order to further accelerate our technology development, we will increasingly work with marketplaces and logistics partners to expand their delivery options. For them and their clients, “[We’re focusing on] making quick drone delivery inexpensive and sustainable.”

Image Credits: Wing

The partnership represents DoorDash’s continued dedication to autonomous delivery technology. DoorDash unveiled DoorDash Labs, a branch last year that specializes in developing robots and automation solutions for last-mile deliveries. In a different context, DoorDash has operated delivery robots from suppliers like Starship Technologies.


DoorDash Australia General Manager Rebecca Burrows stated in a statement that drone delivery “may provide an outstanding addition to our ground delivery services.” “DoorDash delivery drones create a rapid, effective delivery option for smaller purchases weighing just over a kilo and free up ground delivery services for larger deliveries that provide higher remuneration to drivers,” according to the company.


The DoorDash-Wing partnership comes at a particularly perilous time for the drone delivery sector. Major players’ progress toward widespread drone delivery has been hampered by technical, logistical, and financial obstacles – assuming that goal is even a realistic one. According to a Bloomberg study from earlier this year, major safety problems and technological constraints have yet to be resolved for companies like Amazon, which has been working on delivery drones for years.

Wing has carefully limited its reach by concentrating on a small number of markets, such as several cities in Australia, Finland, and Virginia and Texas in the United States. The business has dealt with its fair share of problems, such as displeased neighbors and aircraft disruptions brought on by bad weather. However, Wing has had considerable success to date, signing partnerships with major companies like Australia’s Coles and Walgreens and achieving 200,000 lifetime deliveries in March 2022.

By 2030, the global drone package delivery market may be valued $5.56 billion, estimates research firm Research and Markets. Autonomous drone cargo flights for short-haul deliveries are being tested by businesses including Walmart, FedEx, and UPS, among others.

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