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Never Charge Your Phone Again with Nikola Labs New Phone Case

Currently, there’s a crowdfunding project that, if successful, will give iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 users a phone case that will charge their mobile device via radio frequency waves. Developed by Nikola Labs, the company has set the minimum donation to $89, which gives the donor one of these phone cases. What’s interesting about this is that the company has promised that this case will not impact the quality of your calls or your data transmission (i.e. texting, sending photos). While the case is limited to the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6, Nikola Labs does plan on making cases for the  iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6 Edge in the near future.

On the Kickstarter page for Nikola Labs, the company has posted a video discussing a world where we would no longer had to rely on power cords to charge our mobile devices. Within the video, Nikola Labs CEO, Will Zell, explains how the phone works. “”We significantly extend your battery life between charges by simply using energy wasted from your phone…we were actually surprised about the amount of energy these phones waste. [Your phone] is constantly transmitting energy in the form of radio frequency waves [but] the vast majority of this energy is lost into the environment.” By harnessing the energy, he continues to explain, your device’s battery life is significantly increased.

Now, the case is aesthetically pleasing. It’s not bulky, and it looks like every other thin phone case that you can buy at the mall. There will be design options for the phone. According to the International Business Times website, expect black/grey, black/gold, white/grey, white/gold and red/grey.

The case will also have three major components to it. As the website Biztek Mojo explains, there will be, “an integrated lightning port that feeds the converted power back into the phone’s battery, a high efficiency RF harvesting circuit and a low-profile antenna built-in to the case. The case increases the battery life also by slowing the rate of the phone’s battery discharge.”

With forty days on the clock, Nikola Labs has raised $37,561 out of their $135,000 goal. To save you some time, the pledging comes to an end on Wednesday, Jul 22, at 3:51 PM EDT. With time ticking down, the question I pose to you is, “Are you interested in buying it?”

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