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Aplus GV18 is a $25 wearable smartphone with a limited availability

Starting today, August 31 from 6 PM Beijing time, the Aplus GV18 goes on sale over at GearBest, but that’s nothing new. What’s new is that the Aplus GV18 is going on sale for a very low price of around $30, but you can use the coupon code APLUS to get the wearable for only $25, free shipping included.

The Aplus GV18 smart watch is an interesting pick because it continues the recently emerged hybrid trend that has taken hold of Chinese and international device manufacturers. The watch is not only a timepiece and a wearable, but it also fulfills the functions of a smartphone, having its own SIM card slot embedded in the chassis.

Aside from having a SIM card slot, the Aplus GV18 also features a well-rounded set of features and functions, thus becoming a hybrid device that can cater to multiple types of needs that technophiles may have. The watch has its own VGA camera on the top, and it also features NFC for increased practical uses.



Bluetooth 3.0 can be used to connect various Android smartphones to the Aplus GV18, but the connection is not mandatory. It does however increase the number of functions that the watch can fulfill, as it can act as a notifications center, transmitting every notification from your phone directly to your wrist.

The watch comes with a stainless steel case and a soft rubber band, and its design is similar to what you would see with Samsung and Apple wearables. Its rectangular display measures 1.54-inches and its resolution sits at 240*240, with great brightness levels as a companion.

Under the hood, the Aplus GV18 comes with a multitude of apps thanks to the proprietary software, as well as a microSD card slot, a 450 mAh battery, speaker, voice recorder and more. For the price, the Aplus GV18 packs a pretty neat punch. If interested, keep in mind that GearBest only has 100 units of this available,so hurry up.

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