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Lumia 750 Might Be Announced in October

Although this summer tech news were saying that the Lumia 550, the Lumia 750 and the Lumia 850 were off the table as far as their launch went, rumors have it these days that the Lumia 750 might just be announced at the 6 October event. This would mean than alongside the Microsoft 10 mobile flagship devices, the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL a new budget smartphone will also be announced.

As far as the Lumia 750’s specs go, these were leaked way ahead, even before it was said that it won’t be announced this year after all. If nothing changed since then, and as far as the rumors go, nothing did, the Lumia 750 will feature a 5- inch, 720p display with a 294 ppi pixel density. According to the technical specifications that were leaked this summer, the new Lumia 750 will sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chip set, and a 64- bit, ARM Cortex-A53 quad- core processor clocked at 1200 MHz.

It was also said that the Lumia 750 will come with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB internal storage which will be extendable thanks to the microSD card slot the Lumia 750 features. Leaked information also specified that the Lumia 750 will have an 8 MP LED primary camera and will also sport a 5 MP secondary camera, making the device a quite decent one for its range. The 2650 mAh battery only added to the Lumia 750 specifications, being a good battery for a budget smartphone. Still one of the most impressive features the projected Lumia 750 will have consists in its Microsoft 10 Mobile OS which will come with the smartphone since the beginning, making it a lot more appealing than any other spec.

Since all our information is based on rumors, even if coming from credible sources, we still have to wait until 6 October to see if the Lumia 750 will be announced alongside the high- end Lumia 950 and 950 XL.

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