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Vaio Z Canvas Available for Pre- Order

The Vaio Z canvas was announced in February and now it’s here. The hybrid device is available for pre-order and it is said to go on sale on Monday. Vaio stated that they created the convertible tablet with artists in mind and that is what its name suggests also. Given its characteristics, the new Vaio Z Canvas could be a great device for artists to create with. The Vaio Z Canvas is a little expensive, starting at $2.199, but if it is really as great as it is presented, it might be worth every cent.

The Vaio Z Canvas comes with Windows 10 Pro and it is powered by a Core i7 Haswell processor. It comes in two versions, one being equipped with 8 GB RAM, the other with 16 GB RAM. As far as storage goes, the Vaio Z Canvas can be purchased with 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB internal storage. Te Vaio Z Canvas features a 8 MP back camera and an HD webcam. One of the great features of the Vaio Z Canvas is that it includes two USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot, a mini display port and an HDMI port, so connecting it to other devices should not be a problem.


The specs of the Vaio Z Canvas are quite appealing but its main feature is its display. The Vaio Z Canvas sports a 12.3-inch display with a 2560 x 1704 resolution and a 3:2 aspect ratio. This is in itself a feature which should ensure a great user experience, but this is not all. Vaio says that its new device covers 95 percent of the colors identified in Adobe’s RGB spectrum. If this is a fact, then the accuracy of the display should be fantastic. And that is what artists and other people who use the tablet for creating visual art.

The Vaio Z Canvas has a kickstand which is supposed to hold the device steady, so working on it should be easy and comfortable. The fact that the kickstand is quite hard to push back into the computer is an inconvenience, but you can’t really have it all. The Vaio Z Canvas comes with a stylus and a keyboard which is detachable. The pen promises to be a high- end one, having 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. The stylus can be equipped with various nib textures so it should meet any artist’s needs. It also features two buttons which are able to ensure quick access to One Note and Clipping Tool. The Vaio Z Canvas keyboard can work completely separate from the Vaio Canvas Z, so it can be moved anywhere in the proximity of the tablet.

The Vaio Z Canvas seems to be a great device for artists. For now it is available for pre- order only in the US, but we hope that it will become globally available soon.

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