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Nvidia GeForce update

Nvidia GeForce Game Ready update – Giving players the best experience

Nvidia’s team is working hard before any major game launch, this way they can offer gamers a driver update, with all the performance tweaks and bug fixes possible until the last minute. This way gamers can have the best day-1 experience of their awaited title.

Nvidia is preparing PC gamers for action, launching the the GeForce Game Ready update. The updated version, 358.91 is available on their site and most users have been prompted to update via GeForce Experience. The new WHQL- certified driver comes before the release of three major titles, probably the most anticipated games of this year. With this update Nvidia showed their commitment for delivering day-1 optimizations for Fallout 4, Starcraft 2 “Battle of the Void”  and Star Wars Battlefront.

After hard work and long hours pulled to meet the deadline, Nvidia’s new GeForce Game Ready driver will give PC gamers the best visual experience while trying to survive in a harsh wasteland or while fighting for their lives against the mighty Galactic Empire. The driver can be downloaded from the Nvidia web-site, where there are multiple versions made for Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista. Soon downloading Nvidia drivers will be made through GeForce Experience and users will simply be prompted when a new version is available, this way users don’t have to check the web-site constantly to see if there is an update.

Nvidia was asked to help with the development of Fallout 4, bringing their their Volumetric Lighting Technology to the game. Also they launched a guide to help gamers optimize their graphics. The guide contains the performance points scored in benchmark tests and a large number of screenshots with all the settings and options. The screenshots can help you set other types of graphics cards, not just Nvidia, but the test scores are showing only Nvidia’s performance.

Even if you use GFE stay tuned to Nvidia’s web-site because besides drivers, they also add different content that can help gamers optimize the graphic experience. I mentioned before the guide for Fallout 4, but there are other interesting articles like: CoD Black Ops 3 graphics and performance guide; Assassin’s Creed Syndicate GPU recommendation article; GeForce Garage how-to-guides and many others.

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