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Possible PS5 announcement by Sony

Gamers already eagerly expect every little bit of news concerning the next-generation gaming consoles, especially Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Two. According to the latest rumors, the ones interested in these great gadgets won’t have to wait too long anymore since it seems that both manufacturers are planning on launching their next generation devices sooner than expected. Obviously, the PS5 will be more powerful than the current version of the gaming console, so gamers can have high expectations from the gadget, given the fact that the PlayStation 4 is already a quite impressive console.

The first change gamers will notice in the PlayStation 5 will be its new design. According to reports, the next generation gaming console will be thinner and sleeker than the current version of the gadget. Other great changes will consist in the fact that disc drives will be removed, and that the new console could offer 4K resolution instead of the 1080p resolution it now has to offer. A much powerful and faster processor is also in the cards for the PlayStation 5, and according to previous rumors, the console will be equipped with new Sony chips,¬†said to be five times faster than PS4’s current chipsets. That would certainly add some value to the new console.

Although the initially expected release date of the PS5 was thought to b sometime in the fall of 2020, it is safe to assume that Sony won’t wait that long to deliver their gaming console, which is also said to be the last version of the device. Instead, tech professionals now think that the company will announce its next-generation gaming console a lot sooner and that it will be delivered about two years sooner than expected, sometime in 2018. The PlayStation 5 is already in the works, but Sony will probably take its time to deliver a truly amazing gaming console, this is why gamers will most likely have to wait two more years to get their hands on it. Until then, they can enjoy the brand new games developed for the playStation 4.


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  1. By 2020, the standard would be 8K resolution (FUHD), so the reason can be justified.

  2. Hard to believe this because I think that current gen will last upto 2020 , so no reason for them to launch before that and second they will not remove disc drives coz many of the console users don’t have a blazing fast internet and third this won’t be their last console. Asking Sony to make the last PlayStation is like asking Activision to make the last COD.

    • Yeah I don’t think they will get rid of the disc drives just yet but you never know, they might be bold but I doubt it.

      2018 seems about right with how weak this gen of consoles are, also with DirectX 12, new microns, VR and 4k making it’s mark in the next year or so, the current consoles will be too far behind to compeat with the PC.

      When it comes to the second hand market, I suspect Microsoft, Sony, Publishers and Developers will want to get rid of it, it’s pretty much legal piracy where for ever second hand game sold, Microsoft, Sony, Publishers and Developers don’t see a penny of the money.

      It also wouldn’t supprise me if publishers and developers start doing something so when you buy a game, it’s tied to your account, making the second hand game not work, something they could do right away and almost guaranteed to make more money.

      • The point is that consoles exist because of second hand games and physical. I am guessing a 2020 release date because no matter how strong the PCs are or how weak the consoles are, games will be made for consoles and then ported to PC and also all the PC owners don’t own a very high end set up. If consoles go digital only, then more than 60% of their user base will switch to PC.

        • Consoles don’t exist exist because of second hand games and physical disc, they exist because of control, Microsoft came out with the Xbox in the first place because they don’t control the PC from top to bottom which means there is always the risk of a rival taking over. With control always means more money in that they can get away with charging gamers more which over the last 10 years is whats been happening, from high price games to online fees to charging developers money just to patch a game and how long will it be before they ban second hand games which they will try because it’s in there interest to do so.

          If trends keep going, more games will be made for PC then ported over to consoles, makes more sense with them all being X86, the wind is slowly changing the last few years.

          Also, you don’t need to own a high end PC, even a weak one is doing better then the PS4, Eurogamer have proven that over the last 2 years, the truth is, console gamers are running out of excuses, from the PC costing too much, to exclusives, to low level access which DirectX 12/Vulcan solves on PC and to ease of use, which is always getting easier, the only excuse they’ll have left is that it’s made by Sony or Microsoft.

          Digital is the future even on consoles, problem is for consoles is that because of it’s closed nature it makes competitions much harder, it’s why digital works on the PC, open competition.

          • As I live in India, I will be only talking about the scenario here. The most popular graphics card is GT210 and processor is Pentium G3258. So you can imagine how games would perform on that card. Most gamers have a crappy net speed of 512Kbps-2Mbps. Though some people like me have the advantage of owning a PC with specs like GTX970 and FX8350 and a net speed of 6Mbps(though it’s also crap by American Standards), but it comes at a price tag of $1300. PlayStation has a decent market in India and when games cost over $50, people prefer to buy second hand or trade in for another game and with digital only, they get f**ked. Because it is not feasible to pay for a 60$ dollar game and then download 50GB with a speed of 2Mbps. Also some of my friends have such a crap PC that even a game like Ori and the Blind forest also lags heavily on it. Even in 2020, I don’t think this scenario would change here and Sony and MS having a decent market, won’t take extreme steps like these which would harm their business. As for the consoles, I very well know that they are weak, but I prefer them for exclusives such as UC4 or Bloodborne.

          • I agree internet speeds is a problem in some parts of the world, first world in some parts, with time, things are getting better.

            Steam could put there games on disc so that it’s just a matter of putting it on your computer and tie it to your account a bit like if we make a back up copy of a game in Steam so no need to re-download it again, that could work for people that don’t have a good internet connection, but the only problem is patches for games, many are big and this is a problem on both PC and consoles.

            The real problem on consoles is it’s closed nature in that there is little to no competition which means they can’t compeat with the PC on price, on the PC there are ways around these problems that can work for us all.

          • Exactly. Publishers for PC games expect that every gamer has a super fast net, which is not the case. 2014-2016 is the duration in which the companies adopted a new policy: Release Now, Patch Later. Though this was the common issue with PC, but it became more prominent on consoles during this period. TW3,AC Unity,Destiny(I purchased that POS recently and it asks to download 18GB update and same with Witcher 3),Halo MCC,JC3,Bloodborne,Battlefied 4 are the perfect examples of this. These games were almost unplayable without patches.Some 8-10 years back, PC games followed a simple policy, install the game and insert disc to play. No patches. As far as I remember, GTA 4 changed the scenario. As for the big patches, it works with the games like Destiny,Warframe,GTA 5, Driveclub because they keep on adding new content. But for games like TW3 or ACU, it does not make sense. Before the game goes gold, devs should fix the patches. Hope this year, this won’t be the scenario. Also, I couldn’t get your last para about the prices. Please elaborate. Thanks.

          • Which is odd because the PC is doing really well in Asia, but like you said, publishers don’t care about us gamers.

            Patches for games became much more of a problem when the PS3 and Xbox 360 came out, which was the first consoles to have internet access, since then, publishers have been releasing games in a broken mess with the aim of fixing it later, it’s got much worse since the PS4 and Xbox One came out, patches are a lot bigger.

            My advice for anyone is to not buy games on release, wait 3 months to a year, the game will run better, perform better and have less bugs in it and it will cost less, if a lot more people did that, publishers would get the message and release games as they should, working with very few bugs in it and not really needing patches to fix major issues.

            What I meant on the last part is that on the PC, we don’t have the problems with developers having to pay Microsoft or Sony to patch a game or having to pay to play games online or paying a 30% or whatever fee to Microsoft and Sony, it’s why the PC works out better in the long run, because it’s more open to anything you want where consoles are dictated too by Sony and Microsoft, so it’s cheap to buy but not so cheap to run, where the PC is a bit more expensive to buy but cheaper to run and can do a lot more.

          • When someone mentions about Asia, first country to strike your mind is China, where the PC is doing great because as far as I have heard, consoles are not available there due to some govt. policy. And even I follow your idea of buying games at a later stage with all the patches or if it is a decent game, chances are after a year, that game will get a complete edition with DLC,patches and a reduced price.

          • Thats true but the PC is doing great in many places in Asia, but the thing is, with PC and consoles costing different from country to country, it makes one cheaper then the other, like Brazil, last I remember, consoles cost a lot there where PC not so much, not sure if it’s like that now, it was about 2 years ago.

            Complete edition with all or at the very least best DLC is what I mostly go for, don’t have a problem with DLC but most of the time it’s rubbish, cost too much for what it is and it’s contents in many cases that was meant to be part of the game in the first place, EA are bad at that, so if someone buys a game on release and buys all the DLC for that game on release, you end up spending 2, 3 or sometimes 4 times more then the game it’s self, it’s a rip off and I bet it promotes piracy.

  3. wow eliminating disks, second hand games goes out of the window, i think its time we stopped buying PS and Xbox consoles, if u want that much power u can go for pc which does gaming and much more..i am a grown man and if i want a game console i will buy Nintendo ‘s and play, if not i will play games in PC…pls dont take this as a Nintendo or pc fanboy…

  4. Hard to trust this article when there is a grammatical error in the fucking title.

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