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iPhone 7 to Sport Larger Rear Camera

The iPhone 7 is definitely one of the most awaited smartphones of this year, and as the suspected launch date is approaching, more and more rumors start surfacing regarding Apple’s upcoming flagship device. The latest rumors are based on a leaked image of  the alleged back cases of the upcoming model, spotted by Nowhereelse.fr , and the first thing that strikes viewers when they see them is the size of the camera cut-out. If the images are real, we can say that this time around Apple really changed something about the design of the iPhone 7, and this is reflected primarily by the aforementioned camera, which is a lot larger than the one the iPhone 6 was equipped with.

iPhone 7

The size of the protruding camera isn’t the only one that changed in comparison with the previous version. The quite famous antenna bands of the iPhone were also moved around a little bit, and according to the leaked images, they were pushed over to the upper and lower edges of the case. I personally don’t like this change, but it is a change, so it will most likely be welcome by some people, who aren’t pleased with the small design changes Apple comes with every year. I think that the previous model’s antenna bands were a lot slicker.

iPhone 7 camera

The latest leaked image might suggest a larger camera, but a previously leaked one hinted at dual cameras, with the pill-shaped camera enclosure. In that picture, the iPhone 7 also lacked the  current antenna bands, so that part of the rumor, the moving around of the bands, might actually prove to be true. Given the fact that there was a lot of chatter indicating the dual cameras of the upcoming iPhone model, I am inclined to believe that the pill-shaped camera enclosure is more close to reality than the latest alleged images of the smartphone case.

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