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Windows 10 Free Update Ends on July 29

The majority of Windows users complained about the notifications Microsoft bombarded all of us concerning the free upgrade to Windows 10. For those who didn’t upgrade to the latest version of the globally used software, there is a good news. These notifications will end soon, given the fact that the free upgrade is only available until July 29, according to Engadget. This date marks the first year anniversary of the Windows 10 software and it will also be close to the date when a special anniversary update will start rolling out. In case you would like to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft’s software, you should do it before Friday, for free.

The anniversary update we’ve mentioned before will bring some new features, such as new Cortana commands, advanced gestures and a new version of the app store. This is the result of the merge of the Microsoft and the Xbox one app stores, so users should have every app they use in a single place. Although this might be a turn on for some users, it could be totally insignificant for others. It’s safe to assume that the new app store won’t be the one to convince people to opt for the anniversary update. However, other features might make some people consider updating their software.

After the free upgrade period ends, users will be able to purchase the Windows 10 Home license for $119. This may not be exactly a small price to pay for a software, but if you would like to have all the features the latest version of Windows has to offer, it could prove to be worth every cent. In any case, it is a lot better to use a genuine software instead of cloned ones you can find all over the internet. These can be infected by malware and could even damage your computer if installed incorrectly. If you don’t want to pay the fee, but you would like to use Windows 10, there still are a few days for you to upgrade for free.


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