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YouTube begins NFL Sunday Ticket presales

Today YouTube begins NFL Sunday Ticket presales. The season-long add-on costs $249 for YouTube TV Base subscribers. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL RedZone bundles are $289 for the season during presales.

The streaming company will raise both packages by $100 after the presale period ends on June 6. All local, national, and out-of-market games are available.

Since 1994, DirecTV has streamed NFL Sunday Ticket, charging $293.94 for the base package and $395.94 for the Max package with extra content.

Primetime Channels, unlike YouTube TV add-ons, began selling subscriptions to other streaming services last year. The Google-owned service will sell NFL Sunday Ticket through this store for $349 presale and $449 retail. The NFL Sunday Ticket/NFL RedZone bundle costs $389 during presale and $489 afterward.

Google paid $2 billion per season to stream NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube last December.

Multiviews, a beta feature, was announced last month. It mosaics multiple streams on one screen. YouTube said it would enable NFL Sunday Ticket streaming.

The company promises unlimited DVR storage, personalized recommendations, key play viewing, NFL Fantasy data, real-time stats, and the ability to hide spoilers on YouTube TV. Primetime Channels will add multiview and key plays.

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