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Twitter expands creator revenue-sharing access, raises rate limitations

Twitter started paying creators a part of the ad money offered in their answers last week to keep its most prominent tweeters in the face of rising competition from Instagram Threads and others. Despite the program’s large payments, some designers complained to Twitter owner Elon Musk over the weekend. Musk addressed authors’ concerns about monetizable accounts, rate limits, and other issues in a series of tweets.

Last week, reported that Musk had promised $5 million in creator incentives from February onward. Many creators reported four- or five-figure rewards on Twitter.

However, a legacy restriction prevented some authors from receiving subscriptions if their profile featured “animals or fictional characters,” unless they were closely associated with the Twitter account’s brand or organization. Musk responded, “Consider this silly policy deleted as of now,” to “Battle Beagle,” which does not tweet about dogs but rather retweets.

As a subscription-verified account, an active tweeter complained about hitting their rate limit too often. Musk said that 8 hours of continuous scrolling should reach the limit unless Twitter was doing something incorrect.

In response to what Musk called “extreme levels of data scraping” from hundreds of businesses, Twitter limited users’ tweet views. On July 5, the firm dropped its tweet viewing login restriction.

Musk responded on Saturday that Twitter would increase the rate cap for Verified users by 50%, effective immediately.

The Twitter owner also noted that Twitter would soon share ad revenue from profile page views, which should “roughly double payouts,” but only views from Verified users would count since bots could scam the view count.

After another Twitter user complained about the lack of live-streaming for subscribers, Musk replied that the company was working on restoring the feature.

Deadline and Insider reported these changes to the new revenue-sharing program.

Twitter’s creator monetization program comes amid its toughest competition. Mastodon, T2, Bluesky, Post, Spill, Spoutible, and others have emerged as Twitter competitors since Musk’s takeover, but Instagram Threads is a more serious threat. Threads’ clever onboarding system and Instagram’s creators and celebrities helped the app reach over 100 million sign-ups in days. Twitter needed a way to fight back, and paying creators to tweet seems to be working for now.

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