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Artifact, a news app that competes with X, adds AI images to posts

The news aggregator turned X competitor Artifact is adding generative AI. The app, created by Instagram’s co-founders, announced last week that users could post updates without links. Users can now use generative AI to create images for their posts.

An appealing image can help tell a story, so the company thinks the feature could make posts more engaging. It suggests creating a landscape scene for climate posts and a concept car for EV posts, among other things.

The feature, which has been in development for months, can be accessed by tapping the plus “+” icon in the photo frame when creating a new w post on Artifact and selecting “create with AI.” Users can enter their prompt to see the generated image. The prompt can specify a subject, medium (illustration or 3D), and style (pop art or photo realistic).

The company says it generates images using a fine-tuned Stable Diffusion model.

Artifact promises a few seconds for the process. If users are unhappy with the results, they can use the same prompt to generate another image or change it.

The addition is one of many AI technologies the app uses to personalize content. As a newsreader, Artifact helped AI prioritize and highlight the best content. The app used AI to rewrite clickbait headlines and summarize stories so readers could preview articles before reading.

In recent days, the app has evolved from a news app to an X or Threads competitor by adding social features like commenting, user profiles, and the ability to post links and text. This expands Artifact’s content and makes it more social, allowing curators to build a following, similar to X.

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