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Tinder adds questions, info tags, and quizzes to profiles

Tinder is improving its profile pages to provide more information and spark conversations. Profile quizzes, discussion starters, basic info tags, and dark mode are new features.

Examine these new features in depth. The Match-group-owned app is adding profile prompts for questions like “The key to my heart is,” “The first item on my bucket list is,” and “Two truths and a lie.” Hinge, another Match property, employs similar suggestions.

Create a quiz about yourself to educate potential partners. Tinder isn’t the only one that matches via questions and answers. Through personality-related questions, apps like Hatched reveal profiles.

Additionally, Tinder is integrating profile tags for basic information sharing. These tags can be about a user’s hobbies, pets, drinking, or zodiac sign. Tags are currently available on Tinder’s competitor, Bumble.

In addition to new profile features and sections, Tinder is allowing users to report particular content.

Tinder also updated its user interface, added animations to the “It’s a Match!” screen, and added a dark mode.

Tinder let friends watch and recommend matches last month.

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