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Violet Little

I'm very curious when it comes to technology. I enjoy tinkering with entertainment and communication gadgets.

New Microsoft Band revealed at Windows 10 Devices event

At this year’s Windows 10 Devices event Microsoft unveiled a slew of new devices, among them was the second generation of Microsoft Band, a device originally released in 2014. If you’re not familiar with the device, the Microsoft Band is a multi-purpose fitness tracker in the form of a wristband. …

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LogMeIn buys LastPass for $110 million

Yesterday LastPass announced that it would be joining LogMeIn. If you’re not familiar with either one of the companies, LastPass is a service that allows its users to automatically login into any site by using a browser extension to fill out login forms. The service can be used for free …

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New Robot Smartphone RoboHon revealed at CEATEC

At this year’s CEATEC exhibition in Japan, multinational electronics corporation Sharp revealed the prototype for a new smartphone in the shape of a robot called RoboHon. If you’re not familiar with CEATEC, it is Japan’s largest IT and electronics trade show where developers from all over the world can present …

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Apple Pay at every Starbucks and KFC soon

Apple Pay was introduced last year by Apple as an alternative to paying with your credit card. The system works by adding your credit card information to its Wallet app. Then you can just use your phone at special terminals to pay for items. According to Apple the system uses …

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