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The iPod is (re)invented by Apple

Apple created a pocket-sized device that plays music, videos, and books without a smartphone or smartwatch. Cupertino, near. Apple has filed a patent application for a headphone-case-meets-pocket-computer with a touchscreen display and the guts to browse tunes, movies, weather, and maps. Apple reinvented the iPod because time is flat. Apple …

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Android app account termination follows Apple’s lead

Today, Google revealed a new account termination policy for Android applications that create accounts. The corporation will enforce this regulation early next year. This follows Apple’s June 30, 2022 App Store regulation. By December 7, the firm will need developers to answer data deletion questions in the Data Safety form. …

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Apple is testing language-generating AI

Without last week’s Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse, AI and chatbots would dominate tech conversations. Microsoft-backed OpenAI released GPT-4, a new language model, in recent days. Anthropic’s Claude chatbot competed. Gmail and Docs are getting AI from Google. Chatbot-enabled Bing search has garnered attention. Missing name? Apple. The Cupertino-based company …

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