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Blackberry Venice – the first BB android phone

A lot of anticipation has already built up around the next Blackberry flagship, Venice. It is said to come out in 2015 and will be the first smartphone produced by the Canadian company to run on Android.

The latest leaked information is this video made by Baka Mobile. We can see that Blackberry kept the physical keyboard with the touch sensor that can control scrolling, similar to the Passport. Venice seems to be built with premium materials, the finishing touches look very nice and it looks like it would fit really nicely in the hand. The screen seems to have curved edges, something similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Edge.

So far rumors suggest that the Blackberry Venice will have a  5.4 inch display with a resolution of 2560×1440, an 18 megapixel camera, 3 GB of RAM, micro SD card support,  Snapdragon 808 and looks like it runs on Android Lollipop.

This is a major turning point, Blackberry always took pride in their software and many users will feel like the company sold out and produced an android phone to increase sales. Besides the keyboard BB devices stood out because of their operating system, it is designed to give the best experience in communication and organizing. The user interface is very easy to use and adjusts to your needs, it’s made to give the user access to what he wants with a minimum of moves or swipes. I hope that some features of the BB OS will be found on Venice, for example the Hub, which helps to organize and access all your accounts in one place and with a single swipe.

Over the years Blackberry world, their app store, fell behind their competition and users were unhappy that they do not have access to the latest apps either for productivity or entertainment. But this problem was addressed and Blackberry devices now accept android apps, I have the actual Google Play Store installed on my q10 smartphone and all android apps work flawlessly. In my opinion there is no reason to drop the BB OS and switch to Android other then to increase sales.

I’m eager to see official images and characteristics of the Blackberry Venice smartphone. Keep in mind that the finished product might differ in design, hardware or software specifications from the video presentation and current rumors.

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