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Sony’s PlayStation 4 Now Only $350

In case you wanted to purchase a PlayStation 4 but you found it was too expensive, now you can get it. The Sony PlayStation 4 is available in US stores starting Friday for a lower price. Sony has dropped the price by $50, and the PlayStation 4 which used to cost $400, is now available for $350 in the USA. Given the fact that the holiday shopping spree is approaching, we think it was a smart move from Sony to make its console more affordable. The $350 also include a copy of The Nathan Drake Collection or Star Wars Battlefront.

The PlayStation 4, made by Sony, now has approximately the same price as the Xbox One. Customers will be able to choose the preferred game console without having to think of their prices too. This of course means that the competition between Sony’s PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One just got tougher. We are eager to see which one customers will prefer to purchase for themselves or as a gift. Reports say that the PlayStation 4 has already  been outselling the Xbox One this year, so this new, lower price might be a problem for Microsoft’s console. On the other hand, Microsoft started to offer holiday bundles for really good prices, so there is no certainty of which console will increase its sales more over the holiday period.

The $350 price is the starting one, depending on the games you choose, prices might get up to $430. This is the price of the PlayStation 4 that includes Limited Edition Call of Duty: Black Ops III or NHL 16. If you’d like to purchase Limited Edition Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars or Star Wars Battlefront you will still have to pay more than the minimum price, but it is not as high as Call of Duty: Black Ops III. For the Star Wars versions of the PlayStation 4 customers will have to pay $400.

Unfortunately, Sony didn’t make any announcements regarding a lower price for the PlayStation 4 in Europe or anywhere else. If you had to choose a console, which one would you opt for?

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