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5 Ways technology will change the future of gambling

Anyone can agree that technology has profoundly improved people’s life. It has not only transformed our everyday life, it has also transformed most businesses as well. Naturally, the gambling business is no exception.

For example, thanks to technologies, the shift from brick-and-mortar gambling venues to online ones like roulettevision.com were made possible. But that is not all. Being ever-changing in nature, technology keeps on advancing day by day, influencing the development of one of the most profitable industries in the world – the gambling industry.


1. Mobiles Changing the Face of Gambling

While this change is not a future one for it has been present for a few years now, we have to say that mobiles marked a milestone in the development of the casino business. In fact, phones changed everything, from the way people dined out to the way they do groceries – we can pretty much do anything via our mobile nowadays.

Realising the potential of mobile gambling, online casino operators shifted to mobile casinos, thus transforming the gambling industry once an for all. Interestingly enough, it was this year that mobile gambling industry outperformed the land-based gambling industry in terms of revenues – in 2018 the mobile gambling industry will account for 51 percent of all gambling revenues.

Undoubtedly, none of this would have happened without smartphone technologies.


2. Cryptocurrency

Should we speak of things which have had an enormous impact on the gambling industry in recent years, we definitely should mention cryptocurrencies. As you know, cryptocurrencies are entirely digital currencies, i.e., they have no physical representation. What is more, cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value – their value is determined by the number of people using them. Additionally, cryptocurrencies are not linked with any bank, thus providing for an unmatched anonymity. On top of all, cryptocurrency transactions take less time than transactions with fiat currency transactions.

All the aforementioned qualities make cryptocurrencies the best currency when it comes to gambling. Essentially, cryptocurrencies allow anonymous transactions Moreover, cryptocurrencies allow deposits without extra fees. On the other hand, using a credit card to withdraw money from or deposit money to an online gambling account is linked with fees on each transaction. Cryptocurrencies are the best choice for online casino gambling and even though they have been around for as much as 10 years, operators began to implement them in their venues only now.

Bitcoin was the world’s first cryptocurrency and to this day remains the world’s most popular digital currency. Most casinos nowadays accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Other popular currencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin are increasingly being accepted at online gambling venues as well. Further, according to statistics, it is a matter of time before cryptocurrencies take over online casinos as a standard payment method.


3. Live Games and Live Streaming

Oddly enough, mobile technologies did not just allow online gambling anywhere, anytime – they made live gaming and live streaming possible, too.

Online gambling venues utilize some of the most advanced mobile technologies at their online gaming establishments, thus providing for a more authentic gambling experience. As you know, live games provide a realistic feeling which is not much different from the feeling you get when you gamble at a land-based establishment, and that makes them truly unique.

What makes live games so popular is the live streaming technology. Live streaming technology allows players to interact with a real-life dealer who deals in cards in front of the web camera. To put it simply, live games make players feel as if they are playing at a land-based casino.


4. Better Security

When gambling online, players have two main concerns – how secure is the information they provide, and how fair are the games they play. Well, technology has played its part here as well. Encryption, as well as random number generators, are widely used nowadays, ensuring players that their information is secure.

Essentially, encryption transforms information sent over the web into a code; this code can then be read by the computer which received that information exclusively. But encryption does not protect personal information from outsiders exclusively – online casino employees such as customer support staff are also unable to access personal information.

5. Improved Marketing Strategies

Last, but not least, advancement of technologies has provided for better marketing strategies. You may think that marketing strategies are not of such an important, but the case is not such. The improvement of marketing strategies has generated a fierce competition perspective which is likely to demand new and improved strategies.

Cookies, for example, have profoundly improved the way operators and players interact. Essentially, cookies provide certain information from a player’s used patterns and preferred games. This information is then sent to marketing departments and player-suitable advertisements can then be created.

We have to say that this is arguably the most controversial technological improvement in the gambling industry. Nevertheless, technologically-improved marketing strategies have certainly proved to be profitable.

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