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The IMDb-powered in-app movie and TV sites are now available to TikTok users

Users may now tag a movie or TV show in their videos on TikTok thanks to a collaboration with the online movie database IMDb. The link takes users to a special in-app page containing details from IMDb regarding the given title as well as a selection of relevant TikTok videos. The “Favorites” page on their accounts is another place where TikTok creators can store a title.

The IMDb-powered function, which was launched today, is presently only accessible to users of TikTok in the United States and the United Kingdom.

When making a video, a maker can choose “Add Link,” followed by “Movie and TV,” which takes them to IMDb’s collection of more than 12 million films and TV shows. The chosen title will be shown above the caption once the video has been published.

The new IMDb function on TikTok will probably be useful for those who wish to look for content associated with their favorite movie or TV show. According to today’s statement from Grace Li, director of strategic partnerships at TikTok and ByteDance, there is already a sizable community of movie and TV enthusiasts on TikTok, with a combined total of 25 billion views for hashtags like #FilmTok, #MovieTok, and #TVTok.

Nikki Santoro, chief operational officer of IMDb, stated in statements, “We’re delighted to welcome TikTok as the latest big company to rely on IMDb data to create innovative experiences for its users.” The objective of IMDb to help users discover and choose what to watch and listen to, wherever they are, is furthered by this creative collaboration, which enables TikTok producers to exhibit and share the movies and shows they love.

The new function might also aid media and production businesses in better marketing their works. Just a few instances of businesses employing TikTok to encourage more consumers to see their recently released films are Warner Bros., A24, Netflix, and Paramount+.

The announcement follows TikTok’s “Why this video” feature, which informs users of the rationale behind a particular video’s recommendation. Additionally, the business is trying a full-screen horizontal mode.

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