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X (formerly Twitter) now sorts posts by like count on signed-out profiles

X, formerly Twitter, now sorts posts by like counts instead of order when users log out. Social media profiles display posts, formerly tweets, in chronological order when logged in, but by performance when logged out.

The change was noticed by 9to5Google.

Since posts with more views but fewer likes appear lower in feeds, the platform is sorting by likes. The change is strange, especially since your most-liked posts may be years old. New sorting hides recent posts in favor of popular ones.

Our tests show that pinned posts won’t appear at the top of your profile feed when logged out, defeating their purpose.

X may have made this change because it thinks logged out users will be more likely to follow you or sign up for the service if they see your most popular posts first.

Since Elon Musk took over X last year, the company has made many changes. This morning, Twitter made X Pro, formerly TweetDeck, a subscriber-only product. The company announced in June that TweetDeck would soon be restricted to verified users.

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